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About The Author

Dewayne Osborn is the Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Cardinal Capital Management Inc, in Winnipeg (https://www.cardinal.ca).  He is also the Head of Cardinal's Philanthropic Services Division (https://www.cardinal.ca/cardinal-philanthropy).  He joined the firm in 2017.

As a Certified Financial Planner and Charterd Professional Accountant with more than 15 years of experience serving in senior positions of not-for-profit and for profit organiztions. 

DeWayne received the 2003 Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba Sharing Expertise Award. The association cited his ongoing dedication to numerous charities, as well as his leadership in furthering greater awareness and acceptance of planned giving as examples of a CGA member who has significantly advanced the social and economic life of the community.

In 2011, DeWayne received the innaugural CAGP-Manitoba Friends award as well as the National 19th annual CAGP-ACPDP Friends awards.  These awards recognizes individuals and organizations that exemplify the spirit and vision of CAGP-ACPDP™.  Furthermore, a "Friend of CAGPAmi(e) de l'ACPDP" must have:

  • practiced or operated in an exemplary and ethical manner;
  • exemplified vision, talent and dedication to CAGP-ACPDP™ and society;
  • made a significant contribution to CAGP-ACPDP™ or to gift planning in Canada.

Purpose of the Web site

This site is intended to provide helpful resources for some of the tremendous financial and philanthropic benefits that can be achieved by applying tax-effective strategies for gifting real property, cash, securities, life insurance products, wills and bequests.  However, no resource can provide the answers to all questions.   Furthermore, the laws and regulations governing planned giving are constantly changing and their application may vary depending on the circumstances. Therefore, while the information in this Web site should be useful, no representation is made that it is complete. Appropriate professional advice should be obtained prior to implementing the strategies outlined in this or any other Web site.

However, if you can not find what you are looking for, please contact DeWayne directly at dosborn@cardinal.ca or call toll free 1-800-310-4664.  

This subscription (see below for rates) based Web site is designed to provide technical information that can be easily updated on a broad number of issues and problems commonly associated with planned giving programs. It is not designed to replace sound financial and legal advice. Rather, it is intended to provide the non-financially oriented fundraiser with enough information to actively solicit planned gifts.

Organization of the Web site

This Web site is designed to minimize the time required to find information.

Key points through out the Web site are highlighted with links to definitions. Further, links to the original technical materials are provided for the reader to peruse at their leisure.

The first three chapters deal with general issues with regard to planned giving (i.e. where to begin a program, suggestions as to how to establish a planned gifts committee, formulate policies, marketing issues, etc.). The middle five chapters deal with the common gift instruments including a section on key requirements for each type of gift. This special information is provided in each section and is designed to give the gift planner a "hit" list of key information needed to do a particular planned gift. The final chapterss deal with Federal and Provincial budget updates, special issues (i.e. cross border gifts), and opportunities for planned gifts.

Rates and Other Information

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Disclaimer of Liability

The author, nor anyone associated with the production of this Web site accept any form of liability for its contents nor any consequences arising from its use.